These keto snacks are surprisingly easy and delicious

  • Jun 03, 2023
  • By Anthea England
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We asked THR1VE chef Lars Oddershede for tasty low-carb snacks that you can serve up in minutes.

low carb tuna and eggsOne of the advantages of a keto-style diet is that you probably won’t need a well-stocked snacks drawer. People often report that they’re less hungry on keto than on your typical diet. This is because the combination of protein, healthy fats and high-fibre, low-GI veggies tend to keep you fuller, for longer.

However, if you’re on-the-go or lunch just didn’t hit the spot, there’s plenty of low-carb options to tide you over. We caught up with THR1VE chef and new product development specialist, Lars Oddershede to find out his top picks for tasty, keto-friendly snacks.

Low-Carb Snacks – Low Prep Required

Quick and delicious options that you can take on the run.

Edamame beans with pink salt and sesame oil
“Get edamame beans that are still in their shell, toss with pink salt and sesame oil. Microwave for 30 seconds when you’re ready to eat them.” says Lars. “These are great to pop in a Tupperware container and take to work as a snack.”

Beef Jerky
“Be careful about the brand of jerky you pick,” says Lars. “You’ll want to check the nutritional information panel at the back of the pack to check that there aren’t added sugars and chemical nasties.”

“As well as an easy packable snack, olives are a great low-carb option to serve up as a party snack and are a little more exciting than celery sticks!”

Low-Carb Snacks – Some Prep Required

If you have a little time, these are easy to prepare ahead

Homemade roasted nut mix
“Roast mixed nuts and seeds with a bit of salt, pepper and chilli – or whatever spice you prefer,” says Lars. “If you have a more flexible carb allowance, you can toss in some dark chocolate with a high cocoa content or some dates for a touch of sweetness. Just add these in after roasting.”

Almond and maple snack balls
“Preheat the oven to 180°C. Mix one cup of almond meal with one tablespoon of maple syrup and 1 egg. Roll into balls and bake on a lined baking tray for about 15 minutes. Store in an airtight container.”

Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto
“Another great party snack! Very lightly steam the asparagus, then wrap with a quality prosciutto.”

Simple Picks

These are all easy to keep on hand in the pantry or fridge.

Can of tuna (in olive oil or water) – toss with a handful of greens for extra goodness
Boiled eggs with smoked salmon
Handful of macadamias/almonds/walnuts or a mixed nuts snack pack
Low-carb protein powder mixed with almond milk

Top tip!

Before a snack, try drinking a big glass of water or have a green tea and wait 15 minutes. Sometimes we can confuse hunger with thirst and this is a good test of ‘true’ hunger. Also watch your serving size so the carb count stays low and it doesn’t turn into a meal!

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