General FAQ - (Subscription FAQ Below)

  • How can I contact support?

    You can email us at or drop us a message by going to the Contact Us page.
    Your feedback is always taken very seriously so please reach out to us if you have any issues with your order, food, delivery or experience. We will take your feedback onboard to constantly provide a better experience.

  • I just ordered, now what?

    You will receive an order confirmation via email with your order number and order details. Please confirm that the address on your order and delivery date is correct. One day before the delivery is made, you will receive an SMS to specify which time the delivery will be made.
    Please note that delivery boxes can be left outside for 6-8 hours without any damage to your meals. Whilst we do our best to ensure meals are delivered directly to you, please always be on the lookout for box snatchers - people love to try our meals!

  • What makes THR1VE ready meals different?

    Our mission is to make clean, nourishing and delicious food. To do this, we make our meals from real food. This means fresh seasonal produce, quality proteins and no added chemical nasties. Our meals are chef-designed and nutritionist-approved, so you know they’ll taste great and be nourishing, too.
    We focus on keto and low carb based items and our teams love to deliver great tasting food. If you have feedback about our meals or service, please let us know. Sometimes our customer support team likes to give away discounts for feedback (good and bad!) Our meals and each of our ingredients are absolutely fresh. We do not freeze any ingredient including meats, they are purchased and cooked fresh each week to provide our customers the highest quality meals.

  • Are your meals fresh or frozen?

    Our meals are absolutely fresh! No component or ingredients of our meals are frozen (except our icepacks!)
    Every meal is cooked with fresh meats, vegetables and spices each week.

  • How do I get started and order my meals?

    Go to our full menu, add the items to your cart and proceed to the checkout. You can purchase with credit card, debit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal.

  • Do I need to be home to collect my delivery?

    If you can’t be home to receive your order, we have you covered. Your delivery will generally be left at your front door or gate unless you have advised of a reasonable specific location located at the front of your property, in the delivery notes when placing your order. Our meals and snacks are delivered in a biodegradable insulated box with ice, which can hold temperature for up to 6 hours. We advise that you mention in the delivery instructions to leave the box in a cool dry place, which is not in direct sunlight. If no one is available to receive the delivery, our drivers will almost always send you a photo of where the order was left so you can easily locate it on your return. We recommend checking this photo when you receive it, just to double check it is safely at your door.

  • Do I need to subscribe?

    No. We offer our customers the option to either subscribe or do a one-time purchase only to try our meals!
    Subscribers will be rewarded with discounts, freebies and advanced updates of new things to come!

  • What are your cooking instructions?

    1. Peel film slightly from any corner to allow steam to release during cooking.
    2. Heat in the microwave for 3 minutes. Your plastic film may expand during heating, this is normal.
    3. Remove from microwave carefully and allow to stand for one minute.
    4. Remove film, stir through, and reheat for longer if required
    Our meals are best enjoyed when plated!

  • How long do the meals last in the box and in the fridge and freezer?

    The meals will last 6-8 hours outside in the Thr1ve box that is delivered because our team places icepacks in there to keep them cool and fresh. We highly recommend to pick up your boxes as early as possible to avoid others stealing your boxes. Our products are in high demand!
    After meals are removed from the box they go in the fridge and their expiry date should always be checked. As our meals are fresh, they can have up to 16 days shelf life. Depending on the day of your delivery, this can be shorter!
    Please note that our meals can be frozen to extend shelf life, but shelf life cannot be guranteed!

  • [ORDER] What is your minimum order size and how do I get free delivery?

    The minimum card size is $49 to place an order and shipping is $15 flat rate. You can spend more to get free delivery!

  • [ORDER] Can I change my order?

    Orders cannot be amended once they have been placed. To change your order please reach out to If your order hasn't been dispatched it will be cancelled, you will be refunded and you are free to place your amnded order!
    Note that subscriptions can be changed in between weekly orders.

  • [ORDER] What if my order is delivered incorrectly or didn't arrive?

    Please send a photograph and email to if there are any issues with your order and we will resolve any issues you are having. Sometimes our staff may call you to resolve the issue, so please look out for any missed calls from our team!

Subscription FAQ

  • What are the features of your subscripton?

    1. Automatically orders for you each week
    2. You can change your weekly order at anytime
    3. You can skip, change, or reschedule orders up to a months in advance
    4. You will be eligible for subscription benefits
    5. You can apply eligible discount codes that we release on your subscription

  • How does subscription work?

    If you sign up to weekly subscription, our IT systems will order for you at the same time each week for the same delivery day.


    If you order on Monday for a Friday delivery, the system will order for you every Monday for the delivery day (Friday) that you have picked. If you want to change your order day you can reschedule your orders.

    We recommend ordering on Thursdays as we restock every Thursday!

  • How do I change or swap the items in my order/subscription?

    You can change the items in your order at any time before your order day.
    You can also elect to order immediately and not wait for the order day, if you choose. Please note, this will not change your delivery day.
    Please see the video below.

  • It says that my order was missed due to an out of stock item!

    Sometimes we may run out of stock of an item before your order is placed and your order by default will be skipped. You will be notified via email and you are required to swap the sold out product or remove it from your weekly subscription! Then click "ORDER NOW" to place your (missed) order.
    Please see the video below.

  • How do I change my address or current details?

    If you have ordered, please email to reschedule or redirect your delivery if it has been ordered to the wrong address. Otherwise please follow the below video.

  • How do I reschedule or skip my next subscription order?

    Orders can be skipped and rescheduled in advance. If your order date is generally on a particular day (e.g. Thursday), you must reschedule before this date to skip or reschedule your order day.
    If you forget to skip, please let us know immediately so that we can attempt to cease dispatch of your order!
    Please see the video below.

  • How do I change my delivery day?

    Please email to change the delivery day on your subscription.
    Note you can change the order day through the system. Please see:

    FAQ: How do I reschedule or skip my next subscription order

  • Am I still eligible for discounts on Subscription?

    Absolutely! You are still eligible for discounts, but note that 2 discounts cannot be applied at the same time.
    Please follow the below video.

  • How do I change my weekly order?

    Please see the video below on how to swap, add and remove items from your weekly subscription!
    Please see the video below.

  • If I am away on holiday, how do I skip orders in advance?

    Our system will show you the schedule of orders for the next 2 months. You can opt to skip that weeks' order if you are away that week!