A day in the life of wellness entrepreneur Anna Whiteside

  • Mar 26, 2023
  • By Anthea England
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Meet Anna Whiteside: she’s the entrepreneur behind the effortlessly cool sports gear brand UNIT NINE. They stock everything from chic boxing gloves to monochrome gym props to yoga mats with prints you’ll actually want to stare at in downward dog.

Anna whiteside unit nine yoga mat“We’re shaking up the everyday sports gear market by creating high quality, fun, unique and sweat-inducing sports gear,” says Anna. And shaking it up she sure is. Seriously, who knew a resistance band could be so on point? Anna took us through a day in her busy life as she juggles a corporate day job with the demands of a successful business.

“I have a very disciplined approach to the start of my day, early morning is me time. I tend to get up every day at 5am, drink a glass of water, meditate for 10-15 mins, answer some emails, check and respond to social media comments and then I go to training at 6am.

I believe you should schedule in exercise like you would with any other important appointment you have. You can’t let exercise be the one appointment that always gets cancelled or traded out for something else. My usual workout is strength training at Base Studio with Base Body Babes three times a week, yoga practice on a daily basis, either with W1LL online or at This is Yoga in Clovelly and boxing, of course – it is the ultimate stress buster. However, I also recently fell in love with Muay Thai and went on a training holiday to Thailand to learn more, it is so much fun.

I usually wear either First Base or Nimble Activewear to training. I love Australian brands and I’m lucky enough to know these two brands very well. There are very inspiring ladies running these successful businesses.

Then it’s time for breakfast – I have a few on rotation. I like oats with berries, soaked chia seeds with berries or eggs and avocado. On the weekends, I’ll head to Clodeli or Social House in Clovelly – they’re my favourite brunch spots.

I start my corporate job at about 8am. I work for one of Australia’s largest companies and I’m very lucky to be able to juggle both and be given the flexibility I need to focus on UNIT NINE. I have Wednesday off from my corporate job, so I can dedicate the whole day to UNIT NINE, which I love.

My days are busy – I would love to say I take a lunch break every day, but I do commit the sin of eating at my desk quite often! In summer, I usually have some kind of salad, but now it’s winter my go-to is soup. I’m currently obsessed with pumpkin.

My evenings are devoted to UNIT NINE. In fact, every spare minute is for UNIT NINE! We’re launching in the UK later this year and we’re currently working on some exciting new products, so I have a lot on the go. An important thing I’ve learned is that you can’t just keep debating a decision and adding things to your to-do list, you must make decisions with the information you have at that point in time and back yourself.

When it comes to dinner, I’m useless at cooking and I don’t really enjoy it, so I always have a few pre-made meals in the fridge – of course THR1VE! Plus, I have a few simple ingredients available so I’m always able to make a healthy food choice.

To wind down at the end of the day, I do yoga or stretching at home… or just lie down on the floor pretending to be in savasana (the yoga pose that may look like a nap at the end of your yoga practice).

I love going to bed early, and it’s not uncommon for me to be in bed by 9pm during the week. I try to keep my phone out of my bedroom. The last things I do before bed are wash my face, brush my teeth and then I’m generally asleep before my head hits the pillow!”

Check out the great gear from UNIT NINE here and follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the latest news.