These easy tricks will help you find the perfect activewear

  • Aug 25, 2023
  • By Anthea England
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How do you choose activewear that actually moves with you? We’re talking leggings that don’t slide down, shorts that don’t ride up and crops that are supportive, but not squashy.

Nimble activewearMost importantly: how do you know if your leggings are going to turn see through? At THR1VE, we’re always on the hunt for the perfect workout wardrobe, so we caught up with Nimble Activewear co-founders Katia and Vera to find out how to choose activewear that you won’t have to adjust mid-squat – or mid-brunch.

What kind of fabric should we be looking for in our activewear and is there anything we should avoid?
The fabric of your activewear is dependent on the type of exercise that you do. For hot and sweaty workouts (i.e. HIIT, Hot Yoga, Spin) avoid thick cotton-based fabrics (as cotton tends to retain moisture) and look for breathable lightweight fabrics. If you like cotton-feel fabrics, a great alternative is nylon-based fabrics as these maintain a cotton feel but have moisture-wicking properties. For low-intensity workouts (i.e. Pilates, Yin Yoga, walking) look for a tight that sits comfortably on the body (we love high and thick waistbands!).

No matter what exercise you are doing, always look for fabrics that contain elastane or Lycra as they need to move with your body but retain stretch in the garments while you work out. Our core performance fabric is made from PET (recycled plastic bottles melted down into a liquid and made into a polyester fibre) making all our tights resistant to stretching, naturally quick drying and they keep their shape!

Nimble activewearIs there a way to tell if a fabric is prone to turning see-through?
Yes – single knit fabrics will generally have a sheerness to them when you bend and stretch whereas double knitted fabrics have that extra layer of protection.

We’ve all had the problem of leggings that slide down when you work out or waistbands that keep flipping over – what should we be looking for in well-designed leggings?
We hate pants that slip! To avoid constantly pulling up your leggings look for these three things:

A firm fit – Your tights are meant to feel snug on the body, like a second skin.
High elastane or Lycra content – We use a signature lightweight compression fabric with a 4-way stretch so that your tights move with you (rather than against you!) while you’re working out.
Low to mid-rise tights – Look for tights that include elastic waistbands to avoid tights flipping over or sliding down.

What’s your best tip for finding a sports bra or crop that keeps you supported without being uncomfortably restrictive?
They key is to look for a medium-size underbust elastic – something firm but not so wide that it is going to restrict your movement. For bigger busted women, higher necklines are always the way to go. And always make sure that your sports bra fabric has double lining for additional support.

So many brands of running shorts ride up mid-stride. How do you pick a style to avoid this?
The best running shorts have an inner brief and a flat wide waistband. This ensures they sit comfortably on the hips without any pulling to keep them in place. Our Run Woven Shorts are the perfect fit for all girls getting on the move.

Are there different features we should look for in activewear for high-impact HIIT workouts over, say, lower-impact strength workouts?
Yes! You need your tights to work with you during every type of workout. For high-impact exercise we always look for activewear with:

  • A rubber waistband to keep it in place
  • Crop tops with wider coverage to ensure maximum support
  • Strategically placed mesh panels for extra ventilation in high sweat areas, i.e. behind the knees
  • Lightweight performance fabrics that are sweat-wicking and dry quickly
  • Tights that feel like a second skin when working out
  • For low-impact exercise we always look for activewear with:
  • High-waisted tights – great for classes where you are constantly bending and stretching
  • Super stretchy and flowing fabrics – flexible fabrics that follow your every movement (our Yogi High rise is the perfect fit!)
  • Open back tops and sports bras to allow for full range of movement in those tricky yoga poses