3 easy lifestyle tweaks for a healthier you

  • May 24, 2023
  • By Anthea England
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Fitness expert Brooke Bevan shares simple tips to help boost your health every day!

healthy meal deskChanging habits and creating a healthier you is a relatively simple process. Sometimes it is life and commitments that get in the way of making the changes permanent. Over time we fall back into our poor lifestyle habits desperate to dig ourselves back out. The key is to start off slow, make it sustainable. Our Community Ambassador – Brooke Bevan, has put together some simple lifestyle tweaks for a healthier you. Choose one thing you can make a change on from each of the areas starting today, review in three months and see what else you can start to implement.

Move often

Your routine doesn’t need to be complex, it could be as simple as taking the stairs at work, transitioning to a stand up desk, walking or riding to work instead of catching the bus. Ideally 2-3 strength sessions wouldn’t go astray. Strengthening your muscles will provide support your joints and help eliminate the little aches and pains as we get older. Movement is key to maintaining a healthy heart, regular contraction of the muscles helps to stimulate your lymphatic system which helps to flush any toxins & pathogens stored through your body. Plus! It boost your endorphin levels and makes you feel happier.

Eat Clean (and eliminate sugar).

I use the 80:20 rule when it comes to clean eating, because at the end of the day we are human and we still need to live. Eating clean is so incredibly simple. Get back in the kitchen and start experimenting, if you aren’t much of a cook try meat and three veg. If this is going to be a big change for you try 3 completely clean days a week. You will notice instantly how much better you feel and how much more energy you have. We want this to be a lifestyle change not a band aid solution, start small and add in an extra day every month.

Get some Zs.

Sleep is the key to recovery, it is the time our bodies repair and fight off disease. Ideally you should be targeting 7-9 hours of quality sleep per day. Things that can affect sleep quality- alcohol, heat & exposure to light. Try to create a blacked out room, turn off your computer, phone and TV at least an hour before bed and if you have the luxury of cooling your room the optimum temperature for a good night’s sleep is 18 degrees. Unsure of your sleep health? There are numerous apps out there that help you track your sleep quality- I use ‘Sleep Cycle’.

Getting started it the hard part. Start small, set goals and approach it on a day-by-day basis. Don’t get down on yourself if you have a bad day, accept it for what it is and start again the next day. These little tweaks will eventually become habit and part of your daily routine. You will feel better physically and mentally, it will help to reduce your stress levels and you will find you don’t get sick as often. What are you waiting for?

Brooke BevanAbout Brooke

Brooke is a Strength & Conditioning coach, owner of CrossFit 4000 & Women’s Health Magazine Fitness Expert. Winner of 2016 Women’s Health Next Fitness Star, Physiotherapy student and fitness and nutrition nut. Brooke is dedicated to changing the face of strength training for Women whilst promoting a healthy diet and stress free lifestyle for the corporate high flyers.