New podcast with THR1VE founder Josh Sparks

  • Jan 15, 2024
  • By Anthea England
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THR1VE founder Josh Sparks caught up with researcher Cliff Harvey and healthy chef Scott Gooding on the latest episode of the Scott Gooding Project podcast.

Scott gooding podcast

Cliff Harvey is a nutritionist, naturopath and author – his latest book is The Carbohydrate Appropriate Diet. He’s a pioneer in the field of lower carb, higher fat nutrition. Scott is a chef, THR1VE ambassador and advocate of the ketogenic diet.

The podcast explores the origins and basics of the keto diet, how you can incorporate a step-wise approach to reducing carbs and the power of mindfulness in transforming your health. Whether you’re starting your healthy journey or are clued up in the field – this is worth a listen.