How to find a good nutritionist

  • Nov 30, 2023
  • By THR1VE Collective
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Nutritionist Samantha Gemmell explains how to find a qualified nutritionist and the right practitioner for you.

Nutritionist approved mealsBecause not every nutritionist will be right for you.

Some people say you shouldn’t see a nutritionist, because it’s not currently a regulated or protected term. While this is true, this doesn’t mean that all nutritionists are fakes or scammers. All you need to do is ask a few questions to find a qualified nutritionist and the right practitioner for you. 80% of how we look, feel and perform is determined by what we eat, so finding the right nutritionist can help you effortlessly and sustainably achieve your goals. We even think that finding a nutritionist might be more important than a PT. At THR1VE, we work closely with qualified nutritionists who define ‘health’ based on leading nutritional science. Here’s our tips on finding the right nutritionist for you.

Look for a qualification

Do they list their qualification on their site? If there’s a mention of an Advanced Diploma, Bachelor Degree or higher, it means they’ve done a reasonable amount of study in the area. On the other hand, a health or wellness coach doesn’t have any recognised training from an RTO, so they’re not an ideal choice.

Look for any areas of interest

Does this practitioner work in an area that can suit you? Many will have a special interest in one or more areas of care. Some work in women’s health, some in fat loss, some in physique building, some more in recovery from chronic illness. Make sure that you pick a practitioner who can work with what you have. If you’re not certain, send them an email and enquire. Generally if they’re not the right practitioner for you, they’ll be able to refer you to someone who is.

Look for their association

Qualified nutritionists are generally self-regulated. This means they choose whether to join an association. Most associations encourage continuing education through studies, seminars and training days. So if your practitioner is part of an association, they will be continually updating their knowledge and skills. This means more knowledge and skills to benefit you! So if you want to upgrade your body today, look at seeing a nutritionist. All you have to gain is health!

About Samantha
Samantha Gemmell is an inspired nutritionist (BHSc), health writer and speaker. Her passion lies in sharing her knowledge and helping people to find their own path to a thriving life. You can find her here or on Facebook.