How overtraining can ruin your results

  • Nov 30, 2023
  • By THR1VE Collective
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Trainer Max Holcroft explains why you don’t need to be in the gym all day, every day.

OvertrainingWhether you term it “over-training” or “under-recovery” the simple adage of “more is better” simply doesn’t apply to training.

For the most part quality trumps quantity! When you train, your body essentially breaks! Then rebuilds itself in a stronger more robust configuration. Muscles tear, energy is depleted and your VO2 capacity is tested. Post training your body goes into recovery mode, hence the need to “build” itself back and become stronger.

So the acts of sleeping, proper nutrition, lifestyle habits, mindfulness and active recovery are critical to ensure things come back stronger and ready to be broken again (when I say broken I mean muscle fibres, not bones!).

If you simply train, train, train without adequate recovery it is like always running sub-par. Think of this analogy, a high performance F1 super car starts the race and belts it around the track, at certain point it comes into the pits (tyre change, fuel, brake pads etc) then recommences the race, think of life as the race and the pits as recovery, imagine how the car would go without a pit stop.. it would break down and won’t finish the race, same as your body. Chronic fatigue, lack of energy, lack of performance, lack of results, this is all caused by under recovery/over training!

So my advice to you, train hard, hit things with intensity and live an active life, but hit the pits regularly, massage, swim, meditate, stretch, eat right, sleep 7-8 hours a day and enjoy the sunshine – your body, family and the “race” will thank you.

Not sure if you’ve got the right balance? Our THR1VE Protocol is an 8 week training and nutrition program, developed with experts that tells you everything you need to know and requires less than two hours of training per week.

About Max
Max is a qualified personal trainer and owner of Crossfit4000 in Brisbane CBD.