A day in the life of Bondi health blogger Caroline Groth

  • Jan 29, 2024
  • By Anthea England
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Ever wondered what a health blogger really does all day? Quite a lot, it turns out! Bondi-based health blogger Caroline Groth talked us through a day in her life and revealed the daily rituals she swears by. Originally from Denmark, Caroline has lived in Australia for over seven years. As well as running her much-loved blog, Caroline is a keen yogi and vedic meditator.

Caroline GrothMorning

“I sleep with the blinds up, so that I can wake up naturally. I’m in a good routine at the moment of waking up between 4:50-5:10am every morning. The first thing I do when I wake up is get out of bed, brush my teeth and spray my face with a facial mist from Skinstitut to wake up properly, then I jump back in bed and do my 20-minute morning meditation.

Before I head out for my morning workout, I mix up a little concoction to sip on. It consists of collagen, greens, magnesium, The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder and super berries mixed with water. I also always have a shot of raw apple cider vinegar – straight up.

Then I head to training. I train every morning of the week, most weeks. I mix it up every day, but I’m in a routine of yoga, HIIT and functional training at the moment. My yoga practice is very strong and present at the moment. I either practice by myself down at the beach for sunrise or I attend a heated Vinyasa Class at my local Powerliving Bondi Beach studio.

Then it’s time for breakfast! I have to eat carbs in the morning otherwise my entire day is out, eating-wise. Every morning I have gluten-free toast with smashed avocado, tomato, vegan pesto and goat’s cheese.

My days vary a lot, but I usually open up my laptop around 7.30am to start working. Events are very often planned a few weeks ahead and will be in my diary. But otherwise it depends on what I have on that week. Some weeks I need to shoot a lot of content – some for clients, some for personal – other weeks are just full of laptop time.

A lot of people think I don’t ‘work’ because I very often post about a swim in the middle of the day or yoga in the afternoon. But my days actually start at 5am and very often I don’t come home until 8-9pm at night, so they are long days!

I do an Instagram post twice a day. While I do work with some brands and integrate them into my Instagram, it’s very much still an organic thing. I don’t have an app that plans ahead, and I don’t sit and pop in images to a robot that will show you how the layout will be. When I upload a photo, the captions come to me as well, very often. I like that approach. I think it keeps me a bit more grounded, too.


I’m very often on the run around lunch time, so if a THR1VE is close, that’s perfect! If it’s not, I’ll normally have a salad of some sorts. Most days they’ll be vegetarian or pescatarian as I’m not huge on meat, and minimise chicken.

I’ve cut back a lot on attending media events. I used to be the one who went to everything, otherwise I would have severe FOMO! I think it comes with age, and having been in the social media world for quite a few years, that now I pick my favourites and otherwise just enjoy me-time or spending time with the people I love. I’ve got so much on every day, so unless it’s someone I have to support or something I’m really interested in, I’d rather stay home to relax.

In the afternoon, I always find time for meditation. I meditate twice a day, morning and afternoon. If I have a spare hour, I’ll go for a yoga class, head down to the beach for a swim or just relax at home. If I’m catching up with close friends, I love to practice yoga with them, too. For me, it’s such an intimate thing as I’m completely bare and vulnerable when I practice. It allows me a heart-space of purity where I can really connect with the humans I love in the depths.


At dinner time, sometimes I’m lucky to have done an order with THR1VE @ Home and I’ll have the Teriyaki Salmon with Clean and Green Veg – my favourite! I love cooking too, so on the nights where I cook myself, I’ll have something simple like steamed greens (broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, etc), spinach, lentils, herbs, fish or eggs and a healthy oil or fat like avocado or hemp seed oil. Simplicity always gets me. A big green salad with some protein, good fats, seeds and the love that has gone into preparing it fills me up on all levels.

If I need a treat after dinner, I try to keep fresh fruit like apples, mangoes and kiwis in the house, along with sugar-free chocolate if I need something sweet. I also try to have tea at night with just some stevia, to keep my sweet tooth in check.

Around 9.30 or 10pm, when I’ve finally put my phone away (!), I’ll say my evening prayer to God and The Universe and give thanks to all beings.

Check out Caroline’s blog and Instagram for a daily dose of inspiration.