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8 weeks to the best you!

Try the only independently-verified, research-backed weight loss program on the market. It combines our nutrition solutions with a highly-effective training program.

Tested and proven by the Queensland University of Technology – our eight week program will help you look and feel amazing. We call it the THR1VE Protocol. It combines eight weeks of low-carb meals, paired with strength and HIIT training. Get your dream body – for life.

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"The best result for me was losing 20 kilos and learning how to eat the correct portion sizes. The ready meals were really convenient, they had the right amount of carbs and calories and they’re easy to prepare.
I’m feeling a lot fitter, too – it’s made me think about doing triathlons, which I wouldn’t have before!”

– Darren

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Our nutrition program starts with two weeks of ultra low carb meals - it’s called the keto kick-off! This helps your body burn fat – fast. For weeks 3-8, you can introduce good carbs on your active days to help you refuel. It’s an effective and sustainable program that isn’t just a diet – it’s a whole lifestyle.

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We have created a meal plan for every stage of the program to make it easy to get rapid results. Your low-carb meals will be delivered to your door each week - then you just heat, eat and enjoy incredible results!


We focus on low volume, high intensity training for maximum results in under 2 hours a week. Our clinical trial shows the best results are achieved by following both our nutrition and training program.

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"Everything was there for the whole week, which meant it was much easier to stick to. You just stick it in the microwave and it's done. It saved heaps of time. It’s really easy for anyone to eat. I love the fact that it wasn’t bland. It tasted like normal food, but it was the right portions and there was no messing around."

– Sam

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THR1VE teamed up with Queensland University of Technology to put our 8-week nutrition and training program to the test. After eight weeks, the results were clear. The THR1VE approach works. It’s simple. The closer you stick to the nutrition and training program, the better the results.

How do we guarantee weight loss?
We have the evidence that low-carb nutrition, portion control and a tailored exercise plan works. This is exactly what the THR1VE lifestyle program provides!
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Get the dream body you deserve!
Lose an average of 4.5 kilos with our effective and sustainable approach. Participants who followed both our nutrition and training program lost up to 18.2 kilos during our clinical trial.
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Enjoy the transformative
power of our program.

Participants in the trial experienced an improvement in their emotional wellbeing over the eight weeks.
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Get a new lease on life.
All participants in our trial followed our time-efficient training program. However, QUT research found that participants fuelled by THR1VE were significantly fitter after the clinical trial!
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Improve more than just your waistline.
Participants in our clinical trial lowered their trigylceride levels by 25% on average, which benefits heart health. Plus, they reduced their levels of inflammation and total cholesterol.
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“I could see the differences. I lost weight and people kept talking about my skin. [They were asking,] 'What moisturiser are you using?' I wasn’t using any moisturiser, it was just because of that exercise and that food that helped me look younger than I am!”

– Amanda

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THR1VE teamed up with Queensland University of Technology to conduct a randomised controlled trial that compared our fresh ready meals with a conventional healthy diet.

The control group followed the healthy eating guidelines recommended by the Aussie government. The experimental group ate three THR1VE fresh ready meals a day and protein snacks. Both groups followed the THR1VE exercise program. The results found that participants following our synergistic nutrition and training program experienced significantly more benefits. The QUT clinical trial will be subjected to peer review in the first half of 2019.


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