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  • THR1VE Protocol eBook
  • THR1VE Protocol eBook
  • THR1VE Protocol eBook
  • THR1VE Protocol eBook
  • THR1VE Protocol eBook - Fitness program
  • THR1VE Protocol eBook
  • THR1VE Protocol eBook
  • THR1VE Protocol eBook
  • THR1VE Protocol eBook

THR1VE Protocol eBook


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This THR1VE Protocol bundle includes:

  • The THR1VE Protocol eBook
  • The THR1VE Protocol Log Book
  • The THR1VE Protocol Cookbook. View here

What is the THR1VE Protocol? 

  • Optimise health, burn body fat, increase muscle tone
  • Master the principles to achieve & maintain your ideal body composition
  • Customise for all fitness levels & ages
  • Discover the power & pleasure of real food nutrition

Absolutely everything you need to transform how you look, feel and perform in just 8 short weeks, plus lifetime access to the private THR1VE Protocol social media group for mentoring, support, and weekly Q&A.

People who have participated in the THR1VE Protocol averaged over 5kg of fat loss in 8 weeks, with the best result being over 10kg, as measured by Dexa Scan. Most other ‘weight loss’ programs result in a mix of muscle, water and a little fat being lost.  While the scale might say you have lost ‘weight’, the loss of health promoting muscle means your weight loss typically rebounds at the end of other programs, with the ‘new’ weight being disproportionately fat not muscle.  

The THR1VE Protocol, on the other hand, is designed to maximise fat loss while preserving as much muscle as possible.  In fact, some subjects actually added muscle while losing fat, which many health authorities consider nearly impossible!  Unlike other programs that use the blunt instruments of reduced food intake and brutal daily workouts, we employ a sophisticated and synergistic combination of macro nutrient cycling and targeted high intensity but infrequent training.  The result is a transition to optimum health, ideal body composition, and mastery of the key principles to sustain your progress indefinitely.

Critically, this is a program designed for real people – with busy lives, work commitments, family responsibilities, and a social life to maintain.  

Unlike the many other weight loss programs that seem to be designed for unemployed exercise addicts, with ample free cash flow and a passion for counting calories all day, our program has been designed for people just like you.  Easy to understand, simple to follow, and at completion, effortless to sustain.

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to live your best life!

Please ensure that you have a good WiFi connection prior to downloading The Protocol.

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